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Roger Nelson addresses people as John Wesley

Who was John Wesley?

John Wesley, born 1703, probably did more for England than any other figure in British history. He is credited with saving England from the bloody revolution experienced in France. His untiring zeal for God brought about prison reform, child labor laws, orphanages, medical care facilities, and even shelters for battered women. Wesley's methodical ways of Christian discipline gave rise to the term "Methodist." He is not only the founder of the Methodist Church, but also a true champion of Christianity everywhere.

"A tour de force!"
Pat Boone, Singer/Actor

"An intriguing portrait of an extraordinary man!"
Los Angeles Times

"Mr. Nelson's subtle portrayal brings out Wesley's character. He avoids the temptation of presenting Wesley as being too good to be true by making the genial gentleman able to laugh at himself."
Katy Best, The Stage and Television Today - London, England

Roger Nelson praises as John Wesley

Wesley Teaches

"When Roger Nelson is dressed in 18th-century garb, he looks exactly the way Mr. Wesley looked as seen from his portraits. His knowledge of Mr. Wesley is remarkable, and he holds his audience spellbound. I have never seen anything done any better, and I have seen many dramatic presentations, some by some of the best actors in Great Britain and the United States. Really his performance is worth an audition in the White House."
The late Bishop William R. Cannon, United Methodist Church

"Roger Nelson brings John Wesley to vibrant life before your eyes. You really shouldn't miss this encounter with a living faith."
Ann B. Davis, Star of stage and TV's Brady Bunch (Alice) and The Bob Cummings Show (Schultzy)


In The Man From Aldersgate you will experience the life and times of the man who rode more than 250,000 miles on horseback and preached more than 42,000 sermons to bring spiritual renewal to the English speaking world. Wesley addresses crime, poverty, want, and the gallows where even children were hanged for petty crimes. He tells how God delivered him from the raging mobs as well as the raging seas upon which he sailed to America. Terrified of dying at sea, Wesley experienced the turmoil and fear of his soul, which eventually lead him to Aldersgate Street in London. It was at a meeting there where he felt his heart "strangely warmed" and at last peace with God.

"Roger Nelson's presentation, The Man From Aldersgate, is as fine a means of communicating the reality of Christ's life as we have ever had at our church. I commend his gifted ministry to all."
Rev. Jack Hayford, Founding Pastor, Church on the Way, Van Nuys, CA

"When Roger Nelson steps forward and begins his portrayal of the founder of Methodism, he is John Wesley."
Carol R. Thiessen, Christianity Today

Roger Nelson as John Wesley

Wesley Quotes

"I believe that God has called and anointed Roger for this very special ministry."
Dr. Paul Cedar - Director, Mission America Dean, Billy Graham School of Evangelism

"I have personally witnessed Roger Nelson's performances, and they are excellent. The feedback I have received from pastors who have invited Roger to minister in their churches has been uniformly excellent."
Dr. C. Peter Wagner, author, professor, and founder of Global Harvest Ministries & Wagner Leadership Institute